Form Component Control not showing correct form

By Ritchey Hazeu

When working with the Form Component Control feature you can easily make editable forms on related entities, just by adding the corresponding lookup and change the control to Form Component Control. There’s loads of blogs on this already, but could not find anything on how to solve the problem that the wrong form is showing, even if the GUID you’re using (after checking 100 times) is the correct one!

It could be 1: Glitch from Microsoft, you can solve it by re-adding the lookup to the form. This actually solved our problem.

2: The form you are using in the component control is not added to the App you are using. We were using the Customer Workspace App and forgot to add the component control form to the App in the solution, because we created a fresh form only for the component control. So when we were using the App, it could not find the corresponding form.

3: The correct security roles are not assigned to the form! This is what you only check when building the form and forget about when you use that same form in your component control!

or 4: You’ve created your form as a Quick View Form. Currently only MAIN forms are supported by Microsoft.

Hope this helps!

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