Dynamics 365 – You do not have {0} permission to access {1} records on Qualify Lead

by Ritchey Hazeu

When you try to Qualify your Lead your Dynamics 365 will quite often encounter the error: “You do not have {0} permission to access {1} records”

In our case the user did not have access to the Sharepoint Document Location entity. Also known as: the Document Location entity, which can be found in the Core records tab on the security role.

You can find which privilege your user is missing by clicking the F12 button and read the error message from the console!

Dynamics 365 – How to reset the SharePoint integration button?

By Ritchey Hazeu

When you’ve got a server-based Sharepoint integration with Dynamics 365 you only see the “Enable Server-Based SharePoint Integration” button at the first time you are setting up the integration.

This looks like you can only set-up the integration only once, but in a rare situation you have to set it up again because of:

  1. You’ve got a new SharePoint environment;
  2. Your SharePoint Realm ID has changed.

You can return the integration button by deactivating your active SharePoint Sites by clicking on the below button and select your sites and deactivate them.

This will return your integration button and you can fill in a new SharePoint Realm ID.